Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project

The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, started in 1986, is a long-term undertaking to

  • collect all published and unpublished Neo-Assyrian texts into an electronic database, Corpus of Neo-Assyrian (CNA), and maintain the database as a research tool;
  • use the CNA database to publish up-to-date critical text editions of texts written in Neo-Assyrian in a series of volumes organized by text genre (State Archives of Assyria, SAA);
  • produce a journal as a medium for the publication of new texts and studies relating to the Assyrian Empire or Assyria in general (State Archives of Assyria Bulletin, SAAB);
  • publish a series of monographic studies based on the texts published in the SAA series or other sources on various topics related to Assyria (State Archives of Assyria Studies, SAAS);
  • publish a series of facsimile cuneiform texts, for both classroom and general research use, based primarily on the texts from Assurbanipal’s library (State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts, SAACT);
  • publish a series of critical text editions of literary texts based primarily on cuneiform texts from Assurbanipal’s library (State Archives of Assyria Literary Texts, SAALT);
  • publish a complete name book and who was who of the Neo-Assyrian empire based on the CNA database and supplementary materials (Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, PNA);
  • create a toponym database that can be used to generate a Digital Map of the Ancient Near East. This project is being carried out with the collaboration of The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute and the Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients;
  • create and publish a dictionary of the language used in the Neo-Assyrian period attested in the texts in the CNA database as an (Assyrian-English-Assyrian Dictionary).

NATCP Publications at a glance

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State Archives of Assyria

State Archives of Assyria Studies

State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts