State Archives of Assyria Bulletin

State Archives of Assyria Bulletin (SAAB) is published twice a year as an international forum for discussion on Assyria and Assyrian texts. The journal is concerned with articles illustrating the history, philology and linguistics of the texts stemming from the ancient Assyrian state archives, and any related topic. The journal was conceived as part of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project and was originally intended to supplement theSAA series of text publications by offering a vehicle for the publication of new texts and of detailed commentary on texts or text genres that would be out of place in the format established for the SAA volumes. SAAB quickly outgrew these narrow limitations and now accepts articles on any topic relating to Assyria in its largest sense, including philology, history, geography and archaeology.

Although a part of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, SAAB’s Editorial Board is completely autonomous and makes all decisions concerning the acceptability of contributions, scheduling, and financing for the journal. Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be submitted to the journal’s Editor or Assistant Editor and may be in any major Western language.

Editorial Board

Editors: F. M. Fales, G. B. Lanfranchi
Assistant Editor: S. Ponchia

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ISSN 1120-4699

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